Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Venezuelan Designer Dazzles Miami Beach Crowd With 2019 FEMBRA Collection

Alexis Carballosa and friend

MIAMI, FL -- On the evening of Oct.18, Venezuelan designer Alexis Carballosa dazzled crowds with an exclusive runway show, previewing the FEMBRA Spring/Summer 2019 collection at the luscious Botanical Garden in Miami Beach. 

Guests were greeted with champagne, live interviews and a red carpet  step-and-repeat, with logos of the various sponsors including KARMA, Foss Marai, Rum Diplomatico, ABAE Hotel, Sweet Clementine, Shotsitos, Linked, Makers and I Do Glam. 

Viewers were guided down the leafy path to the live band and open DJ dance floor area, where a full bar was available with various libations. Hors d' Ouevres were passed around as well as drinks throughout the event.

After the cocktail hour, a video presentation described the new collection, with a tribal  influence as vivid colors popped onto the screen. 

The Mayor of Miami Beach, Dan Gelber and City Commissioner Michael Gongora awarded Alexis with a certificate of recognition and Andre Williams of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce was an honorary guest as they announced the introduction of his unique experience fashion  show. 

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber
Guests, VIPS and influencers took their seats in the expansive garden, with a surrounding, glittering metallic runway, and tribal musical influence and vibrations filled the space. 

The collection reflected the tribal nature of the music, with some of the 40 different models wearing nose rings, tigress-like makeup splashed across the face, braided hair, and bright colors such as reds, yellows, purples, golds, whites and flowing fabrics. 

Michael Gongora
Natural textiles, Silk chiffon, shantu and charmeuse that seemed to  dissapear into the air with movement. Modern prints, ethnic lines and trendy cuts were the main focus in his collection. 

With FEMBRA, the designer was able to achieve the impossible, bring high end couture onto the streets of Miami. Alexis had a few male models and closed the show with a wave. 

After the show, guests danced to the beat of the DJ and gathered backstage for post interviews where models embraced and celebrated with Alexis and the rest of the backstage team.

Andre Williams
FEMBRA is inspired by the revelation of the brave woman who demands space and a voice within society. 

Fashion has witnessed its process of struggle showing the transculturation of feminine  energy, crossing borders, migrating fabrics, color, textures and styles, that have accompanied women in time and set the standard in positioning.

 FEMBRA is the product of the designer’s passion for art, the cultural exchange and the visual impact on each of  creation. 

The team is comprised of very talented and experienced artists, event planners and floral designers with over 30 years of combined industry experience.

Alexis Carballosa, a local-Miami, Venezuelan fashion designer that incorporates ecological practices into his creations to pair high consciousness for the planet  with couture fashion, refined fabrics and exquisite, sensual collections. 

Alexis Carballosa Designs is a high-end fashion label that presents meticulously made pieces, bringing haute couture onto the streets. The company offers personalized  ready-to-wear pieces in both continents: America and Europe, and the company stemmed from a simple, private atelier in Miami.

It was amongst needles, fabrics, and his grandmother’s seamstress skills that Alexis took his first steps towards becoming a fashion designer. Carballosa’s process  began in the form of painting, creating forms of expression through art and recycled performing art installations in galleries. 

 He then transitioned to building gowns out of sustainable materials to help Mother Earth. 

Alexis says,  “I am on a constant search for ways to understand women's needs and reflect based on their looks and different cultural backgrounds. I don’t let myself get carried away with trends.

"Designers should be centered in what inspires them. The pressure to compete  and commercialize can kill the inspiration of the creator. You can sell more by remaining faithful to your inventive imagination. 

"At the end of the day, fashion is a new way of understanding a client's needs without losing the expression of identity that creates  freedom of work.” 

Carballosa is inspired by nature, culture, and backgrounds on a conceptual level. His definition of elegance is based on the attitude one has when wearing a certain piece and taking simplicity to its most essential sense.

Prices vary based on textile quality, specific client's requirements, time and complexity, but start at approximately at $180 USD. His designs allow consumers to become more conscious and serve as a bridge between  Latin American exuberance and the European refinement.

Carballosa has found overwhelming success in the last few years and has a network of clients spanning Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Latin America. 

The brand has been featured on red carpets around  the world, including Cannes Film Festival and the Latin Billboards, as well as various publications such as Vogue Spain and Vanity Fair. 

Designer Alexis Carballosa's understanding and love for high fashion comes from  his grandmother, who had a passion for design. She designed clothes for a demanding and exclusive clientele in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Cannes Film Festival 2018

Alexis Carballosa has been perfecting techniques passed down by his grandmother in order to dress the  avant-garde, modern, and daring women of today. 

The international world has served as a muse, inspiring the artistic point-of-view of this brand. Carballosa seeks to balance the fusion of Latin American exuberance and joie de vivre of European refinement.

 There  is also a strong message of conservation that runs through the brand. All of the accessories created by Carballosa are made from repurposed materials that are transformed into ethereal and whimsical designs.

At present, Carballosa is focused on using an astute  and established point-of-view and solid ideas to create avant-garde pieces that are timeless and forever treasured by owners across the world.


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