Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cambridge Says Unique Internal Scoring System Speeds Loan Application Process for Senior Housing and Healthcare Borrowers

CHICAGO, IL -- When applying for a mortgage loan, senior housing/healthcare borrowers never plan to become bogged down in an application process that seemingly is going nowhere. But it happens.

Sampada D'silva (top right photo), a Senior Vice President with one of the nation’s leading senior housing/healthcare lenders, says Cambridge Realty Capital Companies has taken extraordinary steps to make certain borrowers applying for a loan swiftly know what the likelihood of a successful outcome will be. Wasting anyone's time is not an option.

Cambridge is one of the nation’s leading senior housing/healthcare lenders, with more than 300 closed transactions totaling more than $3 billion. The company is an FHA-approved lender and consistently ranks among the top HUD Section 232 lenders in the country.

D'silva says clients never see results produced by a unique internal scoring system used by Cambridge to evaluate and make swift decisions on loan applications. But everyone benefits because the system greatly reduces the time it takes Cambridge to accept or reject a client application.

“The scoring method evolved from efforts to quickly compile and analyze relevant factors using a quantitative system of evaluation. It considers multiple factors related to property type, the type of financing desired, and the size and geographic location of the loan.

“The system has enabled Cambridge to speed up the log-in process and has been especially helpful when it comes to accepting or rejecting borderline deals in a timely fashion,” she noted.

D'silva says the scoring system is a reflection of the company’s knowledge of the business.

“After many years of focusing exclusively on the senior housing/healthcare market, we understand what successful deals in this industry have in common. This applies doubly to FHA-insured HUD loans, which are our specialty,” she said.

She believes the quantitative scores produced for corporate loan applications are equitable and fair. But concerns about fairness were not the only motivating factor driving the company’s decision to create the internal scoring system.

“We process a large volume of deals and were determined not to become bogged down in details or slowed by an inefficient internal process. The point scoring system very quickly enables us to determine the quality of a deal and to act on requests in a timely way,” she said.

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