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Former Union Army Hospital in Beaufort, SC for Sale at $2.4 Million

The 7600-SF, six-bedroom, three-story home in Beaufort, SC served as a hospital for Union Army officers and headquarters to General Rufus Saxton during the Civil War
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BEAUFORT, SC --  According to,  one of the most important antebellum mansions in Beaufort, South Carolina, built in 1852 and overlooking the Beaufort River has come on the market. The 167-year-old property is steeped in Civil War history and straight out of a southern romance novel.

Gen. Rufus Saxton
The home served as a hospital for Union Army officers and headquarters to General Rufus Saxton during the Civil War. Elegantly restored, it has been used as the Bay Street Inn, currently as a family home, and in the movie The Prince of Tides. It is now for sale, priced at $2.395 million.

Lewis Reeve Sams
(Photo by Robin Pellicci Moore)
To escape the summer heat of his South Carolina cotton plantation on Dataw Island where he also grew oranges and indigo, Lewis Reeve Sams purchased land on the Beaufort River and built the three-story mansion in 1852 as a retreat for his family where they would be more comfortable with the cooling breezes off the water.

The features of the house are classic, deep-south antebellum designed to catch the breeze with its upper and lower-story front porches that span the width of the house with views over the water and the back porch overlooking the deep green of the landscape and the formal layout of the boxwood garden maze.

Rooms are generous and speak of earlier times when a party would converse in the main living room, go in to dinner and afterwards the men would gather in the library with their port and the ladies would retire to the parlor.

Barbara Streisand
Windows were tall and deep, welcoming in the evening breeze. At 7,600 square feet, included in the three-story home are six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, large entry foyer with dramatic staircase, formal living and dining rooms, a library-media room, parlor, family room and large eat-in kitchen.

Nick Nolte

There are eight fireplaces, hardwood floors and the home has original elaborate millwork throughout along with built-in cabinets and bookshelves. Modern updates include an elevator, two laundries, and the ground floor has two bedrooms, a catering kitchen and could be closed off as a separate apartment.

Leah Melvin
As part of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Richard V. Woods Memorial Bridge on the Beaufort River, which can be viewed from the home’s front porches, is a swing bridge that opens often for tall boats.

Pat Conroy
 Watching the boating activity from the house or from the adjacent waterfront park is an interesting way to while away an afternoon with a tall glass of iced sweet tea and exciting for children.

Now on the market is the home that was chosen by location scouts as a set for the film The Prince of Tides starring Nick Nolte and Barbara Streisand which was nominated for seven Academy Awards in 1991.

The movie was based on the novel by Beaufort-native Pat Conroy. A classic example of an Old South antebellum mansion and gardens but with comfortable 21st-century amenities, it is now for sale, priced at $2.395 million and is listed by Leah Melvin, Keller Williams Realty, Beaufort SC.


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Noodoe Brings ‘Game-Changer’ EV Charging Tech To Market; Cloud-based EV Charging Stations Transform Parking Lots Into Revenue Centers

Jennifer Chang

Los Angeles, CA  - Noodoe, a global leader in EV charging technology, has just introduced game changing cloud-based EV Charging stations that transform construction, retail, hospitality and public parking lots into smart, revenue-generating EV charging locations. 

The smart, cloud-based Noodoe stations are currently being installed at casinos, hotels and retail properties throughout the Western United States. 

“Driving an electric car is one thing, charging it is another,” says Noodoe CEO Jennifer Chang. “Noodoe’s cloud-based smart EV Charging kiosks will turn business parking lots into revenue streams and lovers of gas-powered vehicles into electric vehicle converts. 

John Wang
"Real estate development, electrical, green energy, and equipment supply industries are well positioned to take advantage of this additional income.” 

Recent studies confirm that proliferation of EV charging technology must begin immediately to head off shortfalls in the near future. 

A recent study conducted by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company predicts 350 new EV models will debut by 2025, and as many as 120 million EVs could be on the road by 2030. These new vehicles will require a dramatic increase in the number of charging stations. 

Cloud-based OS

At the heart of the Noodoe EV commercial charging station is a cloud-based OS that serves as its brain. It manages the charging experience for customers (all EV cars), allowing them to use any form of at-the-pump payment, including credit cards, Apple or Google Pay. 

The OS also provides management functions that empower kiosk owners to configure pricing, modify peak houses, monitor charging while supervising the entire charging infrastructure. 

“Noodoe is the only EV charging solution that offers a complete cloud-based solution,” states Chang. “The OS is designed as a future-proof system, able to integrate additional features as new industry priorities or requirements arise.” 

Current industry-leading features of Noodoe’s EV OS include Universal Charging Service, Comprehensive Payment Processing, Central Management, Service Personal Access, Automated Diagnostics and Operational Analytics. 

Powered by Noodoe

In late April, Noodoe debuted “Powered By Noodoe,” a global technology partnership program giving businesses everything needed to enter the EV charging market. 

“Many businesses want to enter the market and become a supplier, but face engineering/time to market challenges,” says Noodoe Chairman John Wang.

“We did all the heavy lifting by providing business partners with three key advanced technologies: EV charging stations, EV software, and now EV OS cloud technology. This program puts businesses on the fast track to expansion.”

About Noodoe

Noodoe is on a mission to make the world greener by accelerating the world’s transition to electric transportation. 

In this quest, we produce well-designed EV charging infrastructure solutions that help construction, retail, hospitality industries and public sectors be part of the global zero-emission revolution.

Through innovation Noodoe empowers businesses to turn their parking lots into profitable charging stations. We enable hotels to become recharging sanctuaries that attract high-value patrons. 

The company also provides charging infrastructure, enabling governments and energy companies to build eco-friendly “smart cities.” 

Beyond automobiles, Noodoe's endeavors extend to motorcycles; through innovation we partner with global brands to bring the electric riding experience to consumers worldwide. Noodoe provides products and services used in 110 nations. 


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South Florida Startup ONR Transforms The Condo and HOA Living Experience for Thousands of Homeowners

Carlos Guzman
Miami, FL— In a state with over 50,000 condo and homeowner associations, a new start-up, ONR app (pronounced ”owner”),  is leveraging technology to simplify the day-to-day challenges they face.

With many homeowners living out of state, and others feeling hostage to their association boards, demand has increased among homeowners to engage with their HOA’s digitally. 

ONR is a Florida-based startup that is using technology to make common events like voting and surveys easy and transparent. The app offers associations tools like e-voting, surveys, alerts, and notifications on a secure platform that can be accessed from a smartphone or laptop. 

It boasts that it is not only secure but also specifically designed to be compliant with Florida HOA law.

Alan Gucovschi
"Helping communities engage has proven to improve the association-living experience for many,” explains Carlos Guzman,  ONR co-founder with Alan Gucovschi. 

“The ability to survey owners and residents helps boards and management have clarity on where issues lay and despite the stigma, going online makes condos and HOAs more engaged and communication more secure.”

ONR was founded by a group of friends working for Florida’s largest cloud computing company. The app combines both their years of experience in software development with their personal experience as homeowners to create a platform that solves some of the most common issues that associations face. 

With many homeowners feeling voiceless, or overpowered by an active minority, ONR is a secure platform that allows everyone’s voice to be heard. This, the founders hope, will help owners and residents engage with one another, and allow associations to make data-driven decisions based on the majority’s wishes.

Erin Fabian
ONR's proprietary software is encrypted with the privacy of its users in mind. ONR also allows for HOA's to send surveys to condo owners on everything from decisions on upgrades and assessments to what sports equipment should be bought. 

Owners can also find documents, changes to bylaws, notices of repairs happening on the property, and other important events.

“ONR has been very helpful with the set up and helping out owners individually,” says Erin Fabian, property manager at Continuum South Tower.

The advantages of using a third-party company like ONR include:
• Maximizing participation in any voting and opinion polls – terrific for buildings where many owners do not reside full-time. Owners can vote online at their convenience.

• Saves money on postage and mailings – no ballots, no postage, no printing
• User-friendly experience
• Automatic vote tallying and instantaneous real-time results
• Secure, private and authenticated so all votes and communications are honest and safe

Jonathan Mofsky
Even though some property management companies and law firms offer condo websites and e-voting as a value-added service, it is recommended that associations use a provider that is independent from them to ensure that the integrity of the association's voting process is best protected and transparency is guaranteed. 

“The ONR team is knowledgeable and provide great member support,” says Johnathan Mofsky, a community association attorney from the law offices of Siegfried & Rivera.

Working with the HOA's legal department and property manager, ONR can demonstrate its capabilities to the board of directors, ensuring that the software complies with Florida law while associations make data-driven decisions.

ONR provides customer on-site support services for its South Florida clients to support customers with a smooth digital transformation.

Condominiums that have joined the ONR app bandwagon include:

Continuum South Beach South Tower Condominiums,
Miami Beach, FL

  • Continuum
  • Carillon
  • The Terraces at Turnberry
  • 1000 Venetian
  • Portofino
  • Ten Museum Park
  • South Pointe Tower
  • Beachwalk Resort       
  • Ocean Two
  • Marenas
  • Sea Air Tower
  • NuRiver Landing
  • Palm Beach Hotel Condominium
  • Marina Grande
  • City Place South Tower
  • South Pointe Tower condominiums
     Miami Beach, FL

ONR app, founded in 2016 in Miami, is designed to simplify the community engagement process  of HOAs in South Florida, including Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties. 

The app complies with Florida Legislature regulations to promote online voting for board members and to improve internal communications for condo owners on decisions that ultimately impact their property values and the over-all experience of living in the community.


Charlotte Tomic

To learn more about ONR app, please call 1-888-352-9711 to schedule a demo, or visit