Thursday, July 19, 2012

Griffin Capital Securities Announces Strategic Alignment of Sales Team to Better Serve Independent Broker-Dealer Partners

El Segundo, CA – Griffin Capital Securities, the distributor of Griffin Capital Net Lease REIT and Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II, both publicly-registered, non-traded real estate investment trusts, announced the integration of two previously separate sales forces dedicated to each respective REIT. 

 “When Griffin Capital Securities became the dealer manager for Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II, in order to maintain continuity and stability for both products following the transition we chose to maintain dedicated sales forces for a limited amount of time,” said Kevin Shields (top right photo), chairman and chief executive officer of Griffin Capital Corporation. 

 “In accordance with industry best practices, and to drive greater efficiency within our selling group, we have now integrated these teams into one of the most experienced, professional and effective sales forces in the industry.”

 In January, 41 of 45 employees of Grubb & Ellis Capital Corporation (the former dealer manager for Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II) joined Griffin Capital Securities, including the entire 30-member internal and external wholesaling team. 

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT II transitioned its sponsorship from Grubb & Ellis Company to co-sponsorship by Griffin Capital Corporation and American Healthcare Investors on January 9, 2012.  

 “The integration of our sales team further strengthens Griffin Capital Securities and dramatically improves the quality of service we provide to our financial advisor and broker-dealer partners,” said Jeffrey Schwaber (lower left photo), president of Griffin Capital Securities. 

“Thanks to the talent, dedication and hard work of this sales team, Griffin Capital Securities has grown to become one of the top five equity raising dealer managers in the non-traded REIT space.”


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