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Remarks by MBA Officials During MBA's 24th Annual Commercial Real Estate Finance/Multifamily Housing (CREF) Convention & Expo in Orlando, FL

David H. Stevens
ORLANDO, FL – Abbreviated remarks by David H. Stevens, president, Mortgage Bankers Association:

Welcome to CREF, the largest gathering of commercial and multifamily real estate professionals in the United States!  At MBA, we’re celebrating 100 years of building communities and helping families realize their dreams.  We are glad that you are here to network, renew and make new business deals, and strategically prepare your businesses for the future.

Throughout our nation’s political and economic history, the enduring presence of mortgage bankers lives as a constant reminder of our purpose and our passion: We help create the building blocks of thriving communities from houses and apartments to office, retail, industrial, hotel and other commercial real estate.

Collectively, we – policy professionals and members together - represent the entire real estate finance system.  Here, in this room, in these halls, at this conference, we recognize your diversified business models and how sometimes business lines connect, and at other times, diverge with each other and your single-family colleagues.

E.J. Burke
Abbreviated Remarks by E.J. Burke, chairman, Mortgage Bankers Association:

ORLANDO, FL – Good morning!  Welcome to CREF!  Great to see so many of you here this week.

This is a special time for MBA and I’m honored to serve you as MBA’s 100th chairman. 

We join an elite group of national associations that have withstood the test of time to provide their members with 100 years of service. 

MBA’s longevity, in part, can be attributed to the legacy of strong leaders that precede me.  But it’s also about evolution.  It’s about adapting to the change that is upon us, but also looking forward to the change we know is coming. 

Every day since our inception, we’ve advanced real estate finance in America.  We’ve grown stronger, through recessions and depressions, through wars and natural disasters, and through a variety of other crises and events.

MBA Opens Doors Foundation Announces Rental Assistance Grant Program

Debra W. Still
ORLANDO, FL — The Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Opens Doors Foundation announced it was unveiling a rental assistance grant program to help families with critically ill or injured children maintain their living arrangements in the face of high health care costs. 

The announcement was made at MBA’s annual Commercial Real Estate Finance and Multifamily Housing (CREF) Convention in Orlando, FL

“MBA Opens Doors’ original program to provide mortgage payments to families with sick children continues to serve as a model for charitable giving within the real estate finance community,” said Debra Still, Chairman of MBA Opens Doors.

 “I am proud to lead this laudable effort.  However, missing from our first initiative were the millions of Americans who rent instead of own.  

"Now that we have established this important additional component of Opens Doors, we have the opportunity to keep significantly more families in their homes during their time of need.  We are committed to sustainable housing for both renters and owners.”

MBA Forecasts $300 Billion of 2014 Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Originations

Jamie Woodwell
ORLANDO, FL  – The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) projects originations of commercial and multifamily mortgages will grow to $300 billion in 2014, a 7 percent increase from 2013 volumes, and continue to rise to $333 billion in 2016.  Originations of multifamily mortgages are forecast at $116 billion in 2014.

“Early indications are that commercial and multifamily lenders increased originations by 15 percent in 2013,” said Jamie Woodwell, MBA’s Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research.

 “This year will once again see fewer loans coming up against their maturities.  But with still low interest rates, improving property fundamentals, a rebound in property prices, and higher loan maturity volumes on the horizon, we anticipate mortgage originations will continue to increase in 2014.”

MBA:  Significant Drop in Commercial and Multifamily Loan Maturities in 2014

ORLANDO, FL (February 3, 2014) – The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) released its 2013 Commercial Real Estate/Multifamily Survey of Loan Maturity Volumes. 

The survey found six percent, or $91.7 billion of the $1.5 trillion of outstanding commercial and multifamily mortgages held by non-bank lenders and investors, will mature in 2014. 

 That represents a 23 percent decline from the $119.5 billion that matured in 2013.  Maturities will grow to $213 billion in 2016.

The loan maturities vary significantly by investor group.  Just 3 percent ($12.7 billion) of the outstanding balance of multifamily and health care mortgages held or guaranteed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA and Ginnie Mae will mature in 2014. 

Life insurance companies will see 5 percent ($18.0 billion) of their outstanding mortgage balances mature in 2014.  Among loans held in CMBS, 7 percent ($41.8 billion) will come due in 2014.  Fifteen percent ($19.2 billion) of commercial mortgages held by credit companies and other investors will mature in 2014.

“2014 will be the fourth straight year of declining commercial/multifamily mortgage maturities,” said Jamie Woodwell, MBA’s Vice President of Commercial Real Estate Research.  

“Following 2014, we will see volumes spike – by 72 percent in 2015 and an additional 34 percent in 2016, as ten-year loans made in 2005, 2006 and 2007 begin to come due.”

Q4 Commercial and Multifamily Mortgage Originations Highest Since 2007

ORLANDO, FL — Commercial and multifamily mortgage originations increased 34 percent between the third and the fourth quarters of 2013, and were up 16 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2012, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Quarterly Survey of Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Bankers’ Originations. 

MBA’s commercial/multifamily mortgage bankers’ originations index shows originations for the full year 2013 were 15 percent higher than in 2012.

MBA Releases 2013 Year-End Commercial/Multifamily Servicer Rankings

ORLANDO, FL  – The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) released its year-end ranking of commercial and multifamily mortgage servicers’ volumes as of December 31, 2013. 

At the top of the list of firms is Wells Fargo with $434.4 billion in U.S. master and primary servicing, followed by PNC Real Estate/Midland Loan Services with $369.6 billion, Berkadia Commercial Mortgage LLC with $235.4 billion, KeyBank National Association with $169.7 billion, and GEMSA Loan Services, L.P. with $95.6 billion.

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