Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eric Hinkelman named CEO of Voit Real Estate Services

Eric Hinkelman
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (Oct.  8, 2015) - Voit Real Estate Services has announced that the privately-owned real estate services firm, which was founded in 1971 by Bob Voit as a development company, has restructured to a broker-led organization with Eric Hinkelman, former Executive Managing Director of the firm, as CEO.

Moving forward, the brokerage professionals who have helped build the business under Bob Voit’s leadership will now be stakeholders and the company will focus on its brokerage services platform, which was instituted in 1987.

“This will be an exciting next chapter for the company and I am thrilled that the legacy of Voit Real Estate Services along with our unique company culture will continue on with the brokers that helped build this firm now at the helm,” commented Voit. 

“This evolution, which has long been in the works, will now allow me to focus more of my attention on the development and investment platform, which has always been a strong focus of the company.”

Mr. Voit will continue to play an integral leadership role in the company as the Chairman of the Board, according to new CEO Hinkelman.

Robert Voit
“Voit Real Estate Services will maintain its strong brand, entrepreneurial spirit and unique model, allowing us the freedom and creativity to find solutions that work best for our clients,” Hinkelman explains. 

“Now, as a broker-driven and client-focused firm, our team stands out even more amongst many of our corporate-run competitors. Voit brokers have a voice in their own firm, and in their own careers.”

The newly structured firm will focus on its roots as a Southern California brokerage services company and will continue to operate in its San Diego, Irvine, Anaheim, Inland Empire and Los Angeles offices.

“While we look towards the future with excitement, the characteristics that have differentiated us and made us one of the top brokerage firms in Southern California for the past 28 years will continue,” added Hinkelman. 

“By continuing to focus on our core strengths and maintaining our depth in resources we are ensuring that our brokerage professionals have all the right tools to help our clients achieve their commercial real estate goals.”

For a complete copy of the company’s news release, please contact:

  Jenn Quader
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