Thursday, January 14, 2016

“Mobility Concierge” An Innovation of North American Properties New Initiative Dedicated to Improving Mobility in Midtown Atlanta, GA

Shannon Powell
ATLANTA, GA  – Showing its commitment to alternative transportation in a bold way, North American Properties (NAP) is announcing the creation of a full-time “Mobility Concierge” at Colony Square, the iconic mixed-use development in Midtown Atlanta.

The new Concierge will work with tenants, guests and the greater Midtown community to identify customized transportation and mobility solutions and incentivize their use. 

In addition, NAP will install several TransitScreens that provide real-time transportation options to further encourage the adoption of mobility alternatives.

Located at the intersection of 14th and Peachtree Streets, often referred to Main and Main, Colony Square has the highest pedestrian count in the City outside of Georgia Tech’s campus.

 In addition, Midtown is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Atlanta, with a walk score of 84. It also has strong access to public transportation and is bicycle-friendly, with a bike score of 76.

“We are a nexus of bike lanes, streets, sidewalks and transit,” said Mark Toro, managing partner of NAP and Midtown resident who often walks to work. “On any given day, you are bound to see several Ubers waiting in Colony Square’s roundabout. The Mobility Concierge will readily help the community utilize these transportation alternatives in order to make Midtown a more mobile community and give our tenants, guests and residents a better quality of life.”

Mark Toro
A recent poll by Urban Land Institute (ULI) found that transit access is important for about 80 percent of Millennials. According to the Midtown Alliance, approximately half of the neighborhood’s residents are Millennials, and the population is expected to grow.

“Walkability, bikability and accessibility to public transit are huge motivators for the new generation of office workers and in town residents,” said Shannon Powell, executive vice president and COO of Midtown Alliance.

“NAP’s unique mobility initiative will make Colony Square and the greater Midtown community a better place to work, live and spend time. Their Mobility Concierge will work hand-in-hand with our team at Midtown Transportation to heighten awareness of options.”

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