Saturday, May 28, 2016

Alternative Fitness Concepts Whip Neighborhood Retail Centers into Shape

Michael DeRouin
CHICAGO, IL —A growing array of indoor athletic and sporting facilities – from climbing gyms and spinning studios to swim and ping-pong clubs – are popping up in metro areas across the country, beefing up occupancies in retail centers that, until now, have struggled to fill vacancies created by the recession and a broader economic shift to e-commerce.

“Because of a community’s density and the fact that they are already built out, many lack fitness options beyond a basic gym,” said Mike DeRouin, president of FitzGerald Associates Architects, which recently designed and built a climbing and yoga gym for First Ascent Climbing & Fitness in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood.

“While golf courses, athletic fields and other large recreational facilities remain cost prohibitive in many urban and suburban areas where land is in short supply, many of these alternative fitness concepts require much less space and, as a result, are exploring all of their real estate options – including retail properties – in order to be as close as possible to population centers.”

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