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Crow Holdings’ Old Parkland Campus Crescendo in Dallas, TX with Final building to Complete Master Plan

Harlan Crow
DALLAS, TX – Crow Holdings announces plans for the final building of its Old Parkland development on Maple Avenue in Dallas scheduled to deliver in the first quarter of 2019. United Kingdom architect, Craig Hamilton, created the design for the building, along with The Beck Group.

The 90,000-square-foot office building will be six floors at its highest point and will include a three level underground garage.  

Positioned at the north end of the 9.5-acre campus, the building will be the final office building at Old Parkland.

 In keeping with the rest of the campus, the building will be classical in design and will include a thematic sculpture in the front plaza.

The Old Parkland campus incorporates the historic buildings and grounds of the former Parkland Hospital that was originally constructed in 1894. The redevelopment of the property began in 2006 and now features 334,000-square-feet of master-planned, Class-A office space and remarkable amenities.

The heart of the campus is the 103-year-old Parkland Hospital that Crow Holdings preserved and renovated as its corporate headquarters. Crow also restored the Nurses Quarters which originally served as the nurses’ dormitory. Woodlawn Hall and Reagan Place were added to complement the original and historic landmark structures.

Craig Hamilton
Four buildings, collectively called the West Campus, include the iconic copper-domed Parkland Hall, flanked by Oak Lawn Hall and Commonwealth Hall.

 Across the courtyard from these buildings is the Pavilion, whose design is inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and houses a large, underground debate chamber that hosts high school and collegiate debates as well as renowned speakers.

“We wanted this last building to complement the classical architecture on campus while creating something new and exciting, and we believe Craig Hamilton has done just that,” said Harlan Crow, chairman and CEO of Crow Holdings. “We already have commitments for approximately 40% of our new office space and are delighted the market continues to support our development.” 

The Jeffersonian style office buildings of the West Campus, surrounded by lush landscapes, a rolling lawn and shade trees, gives this corporate community a collegial ambience. Although the buildings are grand in structure, they were platted in close proximity which fosters interaction among tenants and visitors in the outdoor areas and community spaces. A spectacular collection of sculptures enhances the exterior experience and invites reflection on our national heritage. 

Crow Holdings’ investments in the Oak Lawn neighborhood also include the adjacent Maple Avenue District, which includes new restaurant concepts as well as extensive street and landscape improvements.

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