Monday, March 15, 2010

Cousins Properties Announces Results of First Quarter Dividend Elections

ATLANTA--Cousins Properties Incorporated (NYSE: CUZ) announced today the results of the shareholders’ elections relating to Cousins’ first quarter common stock dividend of $0.09 per share declared by its Board of Directors on January 15, 2010.

The dividend will consist of approximately $2,997,000 in cash and 820,000 shares of common stock. The amount of cash elected to be received was greater than the cash limit of 33.34% of the total value of the dividend or approximately $2,997,000, and therefore, shareholders who elected to receive all cash will receive a combination of cash and stock.

The number of shares included in the dividend is calculated based on the $7.30 average closing price per share of Cousins’ common stock on the New York Stock Exchange on March 3, March 4 and March 5, 2010.

For a complete copy of the company's news release and financials, please contact:

Cameron Golden, 404-407-1984, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications

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