Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trepp January Payoff Report: Percentage of Loans Paying at Maturity Jumps to Second Highest Reading in Last Four Years

NEW YORK, NY -- According to the Trepp January Payoff Report, the percentage of loans paying off on their balloon date has exceeded 60% for the fourth time in the last five months.

In January, 66.9% of loans reaching their balloon date paid off--an increase of more than 12 percentage points from the December reading. The total was also the second highest total over the last four years. Only September's 68.2% reading was higher.

The January rate of 66.9% is well above the 12-month moving average of 49.2%. (This number sums the averages of each month and divides by 12, there was no balance weighting across the months.)

By loan count (as opposed to balance), 62.6% of loans paid off. The 12-month rolling average on this basis is now 57.9%.

Above centered chart shows the data for the last 54 months.

 The second column shows the percentage of loans (by balance) that paid off in the month of the maturity date. The third and fourth column contain the percentages that paid off (again by balance) after three months and six months, respectively.

 (After three 3 months, the percentage of loans that payoff really starts to level off.) In the last column are the percentage of loans, by count, that paid off in the balloon month.

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