Thursday, December 10, 2015

El Tucán Rings in the New Year in Miami, FL with a Historic Performance by Tropicana de Cuba

Part of the 15-dancer group from El Tropicana de Cuba performing at Miami's El Tucan
on New Year's eve

Emilia Menocal
MIAMI, FL – To celebrate the upcoming New Year, El Tucán will present the rhythm of Cuba by hosting a historic performance by the world’s most famous cabaret El Tropicana de Cuba.

  In this cultural exchange, 15 dancers will be taking the stage in their internationally recognized feathered headdresses and extravagant costumes. El Tropicana de Cuba will perform alongside Grammy award-winning Marlow Rosado and El Tucán’s 11-piece house band. 

The special three-day performance will take place within the glamorously designed interior of El Tucán. The New Year's show is expected to be a blast from Cuba’s sparkling past, affirming her place in the Latin culture of the future.

The New Year’s event will bring dancers from the very place that made Havana’s culture a world-wide phenomenon dubbed “Monte Carlo in the America’s.”

“It is an honor to host El Tropicana de Cuba on El Tucan’s stage,” says Emilia Menocal, Creative Director of El Tucán.. “As a Cuban growing up away from home, I have always endeavored to build a bridge with the country and its culture.

“Bringing the Tropicana to Miami will mark a historic day in which the two cultures unite, and what better way than doing this through the power of dance and music?”

The show, which comes during a historic time between US and Cuba relations, will mark the first performance of the Tropicana dancers in the United States after 32 long years.

  Miami, the “second Cuba,” will host the performers at El Tucán for a specially organized preview of the cabaret’s world tour, which is scheduled to begin in 2016. 

“This marks the beginning of normalization between Cuba – Miami relations,” says Menocal. “The fact that Miami has now hosted acts such as the Buena Vista Social Club, Cucu Diamantes and now el Tropicana, is symbolic of actual change. Being a Cuban from Miami no longer means you have to feel like an outsider to your own culture.”

Tropicana grew as a global attraction after its opening in the late 1930s in the Marianao district of Havana.  It quickly became one of the top nightclubs and casinos in Cuba, attracting high-end audiences from all over the globe to enjoy performances by world-famous entertainers. 

Over the years, Tropicana’s stage hosted artists such as Edit Piaf, Rosita Fornes, Celia Cruz, Olga Guillot, Carmen Miranda, Nat King Cole, Liberace, and Pedro Vargas, to name a few.

Tropicana has now been named a National Monument – the beacon of Cuba’s admired cabaret culture.

Marlow Rosado
El Tucán will also be offering a limited menu to accompany the special evening.  

The offerings feature a number of dishes that are refined twists on a blend of classic Cuban, Latin, and Caribbean fares including a Tuna Belly Tostada, served with a grilled habanero salsa and fragrant herbs.  

Keeping with El Tucán’s accolades to tradition, in this dish classic tastes are blended together to offer a fresh and modern take on the flavors of Cuba.  

The Florida White Shrimp is also an enticing option, served with banana, almond, and adobo.  

These selections are exclusively part of the New Year’s Eve Menu, specially created to celebrate the upcoming New Year and to accompany the rhythms of El Tucán’s highly anticipated Tropicana guests.

Danny Santiago
At El Tucán, be transported into the past by the rhythm, the sounds, the tastes, and the sights of Tropicana while welcoming all that the future, and the New Year, has to offer. 

Tickets can be purchased via or by calling: 305-535-0065

December 31st – prime seating is available for $450 per head including dinner and show; upstairs seating is available at $350 per head including dinner and show. General entrance for non dinner guests $90 with complimentary champagne.

On January 1st and 2nd – prime seating is available at $250 per head including dinner and show; upstairs seating is available at $190 per head including dinner and show. General entrance for non dinner guests is $45.

Rosita Fornes
Designed by renowned New York interior designer Robert McKinley, El Tucán is more than just a dinner and a show experience. It is a modern-day cabaret that pays homage to Cuba in the 1940s, transporting revelers to the bygone era of glitz and glamour.

Located in the Brickell neighborhood of Miami, the venue will feature a range of musical styles from Afro-Latin to Parisian pop, bringing international bands, as well as renowned and emerging DJs from around the world, center stage in stunning costume designs by the famed stylist Danny Santiago.

In addition to an eclectic musical lineup, El Tucán will house a resident 11-piece Latin orchestra, carefully curated by Grammy award-winning pianist, composer and producer Marlow Rosado, that is reminiscent of the big bands from the jazz eras of the 40s and 50s.

 Food and drink will also be a mainstay at El Tucán, featuring luxe libations by Gabriel Orta and Elad Zvi of Bar Lab and Caribbean and South American fare that will include hints of Amazonian ingredients created by Chef Jean Paul Lourdes.

Executive Chef Jean-Paul-Lordes
The intimate, theater-style venue will also be open late night so partygoers can continue fêting after-hours.

 Located one block south of Mary Brickell Village, at 1111 SW 1st,  El Tucan will be open Thursday – Saturday, 8:00 pm – 3:00 am. Dinner Reservations: available for up to 15 guests. 8:30 pm Seating or 10:30 pm Seating.

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