Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gov. Rick Scott Announces Crossman & Company’s Expansion Will Create 30 New Jobs

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Announces New Job Creations at Crossman & Co., Orlando, FL

ORLANDO, FL – Gov. Rick Scott announced that Crossman & Company’s expansion of offices at 3333 S. Orange Ave. will create up to 30 new jobs in the Orlando area.

 In addition to the expansion, Crossman & Company will retain 55 jobs. Crossman & Company is a real estate firm focused on serving retail landlords throughout the Southeast.

 “We are excited to announce the expansion of Crossman & Company and the creation of up to 30 new jobs in Orlando,”  said Gov. Scott, adding 

“Our $1 billion tax cut proposal will not only help Florida families but will also help businesses, big and small, throughout our state, he added.

“Included in this proposal is cutting the tax on commercial leases which will enable small businesses to create more jobs and economic opportunities for Floridians. We look forward to seeing more businesses like Crossman & Company expand in Florida,” he said.

For a complete copy of the company’s news release, please contact:

Larry Vershel or Beth Payan, Larry Vershel Communications Inc. 407 644 4142

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