Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ATTOM Data Solutions Finds Homeowners Ahead in Democrat-Controlled Congressional Districts

IRVINE, CA -- ATTOM Data Solutions analyzed homeowners living in Democrat-controlled congressional districts have gained more than twice as much in housing wealth as homeowners living in Republican-controlled districts over the past eight years.

Highlights in the report:

 ·         Among 2.4 million single family homes purchased eight years ago, those in Democrat-controlled districts have gained an average $59,467 in value since purchase — a 21 percent return — compared to a $22,086 return representing a 10 percent ROI for homes in Republican-controlled districts.

·         Homeowners in Republican-controlled districts are paying lower property taxes — $2,514 on average representing a 1.02 effective tax rate compared to $3,659 representing a 1.07 percent tax rate for homeowners in Democrat-controlled districts.

·         Counter to the national trend, seven of the 11 battleground states in the 2016 presidential election have produced better ROI for homeowners in Republican-controlled districts.

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