Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Non-profit RErescue.org on a mission to grow the rescue-pet foster volunteer community with national awareness campaign

Brian Fitzhugh and Friend

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 8, 2019 – RErescue.org, the non-profit organization dedicated to growing the foster-volunteer community, is stepping up its activities with a national “moonshot” campaign to reach out to every homeowner in the USA by the end of 2024 and share this lifesaving message: “fostering saves rescue pets.”

Pet Rescue Team from left:
Juan Loza, Andreea Schwimmer,
Cathie Huber, Brian Fitzburgh, Nancy Durazo 

Every Door 2024 is a “moonshot mission” that RErescue.org and its founder, Brian Fitzburgh, are basing the organization’s activities around as they plan community activities and a focused membership drive. 

As a coalition of real estate agents who love animals, they are raising awareness that “fostering saves rescue pets” at their open houses and local public events, RErescue.org is aiming to grow its national membership to be 24,000 strong and reach out to every homeowner in the USA by the end of 2024 in order to grow the foster volunteer community.

 “That’s about 80 million homes!” says Fitzburgh. “Just imagine that kind of widespread awareness that ‘fostering saves rescue pets’ and saving thousands and thousands of homeless animals. That’s our moonshot! We’re stepping it up, stepping up big, to really make a difference.”

Seeking only to raise awareness, and not asking anyone to actually foster, adopt or donate, RErescue.org is a uniquely altruistic organization driven purely by passion for pets, and led by a real estate agent who has made this non-profit a full-time passion project. 

Brian Fitzburgh, the principal of Fitzburgh Realty, is an unstoppable force of nature whose dedication to save rescue pets is his obsession. He is literally like a dog with a bone. 

Brian Fitzhugh

Fitzburgh attends real estate conferences not to increase his real estate business, but to create a “Rescue Pet Lounge” and personally walk around the exhibition floor as a human billboard promoting RErescue.org and talking to other real estate agents about how they can help make a difference.
“Realtors are uniquely qualified to spread awareness, because they meet a lot of people,” says Fitzburgh. 

“They are great at social media, and spreading positive messages comes naturally, so incorporating this cause into their business is a no-brainer. 

"Agents talk to people who are buying and selling homes and they share details about their family, their kids and pets. As agents we connect with people on an emotional level and that makes our message of awareness so powerful.”

 The Fitzburgh Realty Team is based in the Northeast Los Angeles (NELA) neighborhoods of Glassell Park, Highland Park and Eagle Rock.


Debbie Kruger
PR for RErescue.org

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