Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cuhaci & Peterson Architects Awarded Contract to Design Partial Demolition, Remodeling of Retail Center in Valrico, FL

ORLANDO - Cuhaci & Peterson Architects LLC of Orlando was recently awarded a contract to design remodeling of the Valrico Square retail center at Brandon and Valrico Blvds. in Valrico.

Lonnie Peterson, chairman of Cuhaci & Peterson Architects LLC, said Primerica Group I, Inc. awarded the contract. Work on the 55,800 square foot retail center will include partial demolition of facilities and remodeling of remaining facilities.

For more information,  contact:
Lonnie Peterson, Chairman Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, LLC, 407-661-9100;
Jed Downs, President Cuhaci & Peterson Architects, LLC, 407-661-9100;
Larry Vershel or Beth Payan, Larry Vershel Communications, 407-644-4142

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