Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Award Winning Calculator Helps Local Agencies Predict Hotel Occupancy Tax Revenues

Jamie Lane
Atlanta, GA, July 15, 2014  -- PKF Hospitality Research, LLC (PKF-HR) today announced the release of the “Hotel Occupancy Tax Calculator,” an Excel-based tool that gives local agencies the ability to incorporate objectively developed forecasts into their estimates of future hotel occupancy tax collections.

 “The calculator helps agencies improve their projections and avoid operational inefficiencies, such as unjustified budget cuts, hiring freezes and changes in tourism promotion efforts,” said Jamie Lane, senior economist with PKF-HR.

 The award-winning calculator estimates taxed revenues for the next five years using the PKF-HR Hotel Horizons® econometric forecasting methods.  These highly accurate forecasts come from estimating the stable statistical relationship between measures of the economy and hotel performance for the metropolitan area in which the tax district is located.

 “The Hotel Occupancy Tax Calculator allows users to customize their forecasts based on the taxing juristiction historical data and also make alternative assumptions about key inputs, such as occupancy tax rates,” Lane added.

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